Image Credit: Harsha Ravi

In all honesty, I believe that any form of flagrant self-promotion that eludes to establishing kudos or credibility goes against my stance on coming from a place of authentic humility and yet, how else do we get to know or assess someone without a bit of background, so here goes.

You could probably consider me a neo-polymath. I’ve worked in a variety of industries in diverse professions like marketing, advertising, tourism, hospitality, education, professional services and entertainment. By far, my most passionate experiences were when I was volunteering or engaging in activities that were not paid, yet richly rewarding to my soul and spirit.

My formal education includes Complementary Medicine, Criminology, Master of Analytical Psychology, Economics (Social Science) and Law (currently enrolled), amongst an accumulation of other ‘self development’ and ‘psycho-spiritual’ paraphernalia…

Yet… to me, this means very little in the big scheme of things because I still consider myself to be a novice and life-long student of learning. We all play the role of teacher/student and sage/fool at various times in our lives.. so for me, material labels and titles become sorely redundant.

I love anything remotely quirky and left of centre, and will admit to being slightly (or intensely) OCD about certain things like evenly spaced placements and aesthetic arrangements. I prefer art house, foreign films and cult classics to Hollywood blockbusters and could not live without music. A few chords or bars of a melody can bring me to tears or send my soul reeling towards the heavens or somewhere else. I tend to communicate and will often respond musically and lyrically.

In past lives, I believe I played the violin, piano and guitar.. in this lifetime, I’m a frustrated musician and have been a volunteer radio DJ presenter in Sydney and the Hudson Valley in New York. A nocturnal vamp with a soft spot for Rumi & Hafiz poetry, gothic architecture, wild black and magical white stallions, I often feel that I don’t quite belong to this era or time. I especially love the silence that surrounds me in the late hours of the night when all the world is fast asleep. In the words of Christopher Marlowe’s ‘Faust’,

“Stand still you ever moving spheres of heaven.. that time may cease and midnight never come.”

Also a once avid black and white photographer who needs to dust her 35mm camera and get her own dark room again, I prefer old school film developing – there’s just something magical and alchemical about watching captured moments transform into images. I also have a passion for creating glass blown art and having my own apothecary one day – think Perfume and Mistress of Spices (this strangely feels like I’m writing an online dating profile)!

An eccentric introvert at heart, I enjoy my creature comforts like rainy days, hot chocolate, deep soul connections, Bollywood epics and deliriously losing myself in dance. Secretly, I have a passion for discovering random quirks in all things, people and experiences. I have nothing but sheer admiration for those who silently overcome their adversities, yet remain humble and down to earth seeking neither the lime light or accolades. Respect to all those consciously participating in the shift and contributing to much needed work in bridging wide gaps, transcending boundaries and healing schisms of various proportions.

As a warrior of the heart, soul junkie and heretical misfit, I have been known to moonlight as a bohemian gypsy and dark goddess during full moons and weird planetary transits. These days, I simply follow serendipity’s heart beat and embrace kooky synchronicities that present themselves at the most sublime and often strangest of moments.

Soul alchemist, truth advocate, love activist, bliss mystic – I am here.. by your side.. ready to listen.. laugh.. cry.. and dance.. with you.. your light.. AND your shadow.

Cue the music!