The Sanctum

5 Week Virtual Sanctum – Men’s Group

I facilitate virtual men’s group sessions (via Zoom) for a period of 5 weeks.

This is an opportunity to participate in “holding space” with other men, who are open to transparent sharing and expression in the context of bearing witness to and being a sounding board for one another.

Essentially, I will be “holding space” for synergy and alchemy to be forged within a small group for whatever ‘issues’ come up. It will be less about me leading (only guiding) and more about the group.

Each week, we will spend 60-90 mins exploring and discussing topics, including but not limited to:-

  • Personal and collective journeys during these times of transition
  • What it means to ‘hold space’
  • Partnerships/relationships – challenges, celebrations, sagas and successes
  • Exploring the spiritual and sexual shadow
  • Navigating new templates for sacred relation-shifts

Whilst the topics are there to provide some structure and guidance, I will be guided by the energy of the group and allow co-creative spirit to take the sessions in the direction they feel inspired to go.

At the end of each week, observations and suggestions may be offered for/by each participant, myself and the group, using post-Jungian and other intuitive processes for reflection and integration.

Numbers will be limited (no more than 3-4) to ensure a sacred ‘alchemical’ container is held for all.

Suggested Energy Exchange:-

via a group consultation process post-sanctum

The next Virtual Sanctum Sessions begin Dec ’16/Jan ’17.


*Intro session on Mon 19th Dec (US/Syd/London)

US – PST 1am / Syd – 8pm / Bris – 7pm / Spain – 10am / Bali – 5pm

Week 1: Mon 9th Jan
Week 2: Mon 16th Jan
Week 3: Mon 23rd Jan
Week 4: Mon 30th Jan


*Intro session on Tues 3rd Jan (US) / Wed 4th Jan (Syd)

US – PST 6pm / US – EST 9pm / US – CST 8pm / Syd – 1pm / Bris  12pm

Week 1: Tue 10th Jan (US) / Wed 11th Jan (Syd)
Week 2: Tue 17th Jan (US) / Wed 18th Jan  (Syd)
Week 3: Tue 24th Jan (US) / Wed 25th Jan (Syd)
Week 4: Tue 31st Jan (US) / Wed 1st Feb (Syd)

Expressions of Interest:-

If you are interested, please use the form below:-