Shadow Dance

Integrative movement and dance sessions are also offered to further facilitate healing and balance through spontaneous free form dance.

Through these dance sessions, we explore the landscape of the psyche’s emotional story and give voice to our shadow aspects in order to facilitate alchemical catharsis through the art of dance and movement.

While the dance itself is free form movement, there is structure as we move through various universal shadow themes, towards integration and eventually dance through to the realms of bliss.

A little bit like interpretative dance, you are the artist, director, creator, dancer and muse. You allow the music. rhythm, lyrics to direct and move your body and expression.

No one will be watching to critique or judge your technique or style.

This not about performance.

This is about giving yourself permission and free reign to feel, express and release any stored or denied emotions that may have been trapped in the body.

Participants dance barefoot on a sprung dance floor in a low lit dim room with their eyes softly closed, so there is no need to feel self conscious.

Shadow Dance is a free-form movement experience which explores a cathartic fusion of creative imagination, story-telling, healing and dance expression.

Think of dancing karaoke.. Your body is ‘singing’ and bursting with emotion, expressing itself in sacred soul-only-knows ways. Classes are structured to run through the major emotions within main shadow archetypes, gradually building into the bliss zone. This is an integrative experience of honouring and embracing your shadows through to bliss.



Saturday February 28th 2015

TIME: 4pm – 5.30pm

VENUE: Fuego Studios – Ground Floor, 235 Clarence St, Sydney

(3 min walk from QVB Town Hall – entrance via office building through glass doors)

OPENING NIGHT SPECIAL: $20 (or $15 if you bring a friend)

Wear comfortable attire to dance in – e.g. yoga pants etc

Bring a bottle of water.