I offer ‘psyche’ journeying sessions online via Zoom.

These initial sessions give us an opportunity to assess what is currently concerning you in your life – perhaps they are patterns which repeat themselves within your relationships or around your health or finances.

From a psyche therapy perspective, we explore your shadow side and introduce you to your shadow, bringing to awareness all the repressed, unloved and unacknowledged aspects of the ‘shadow self’ that you may have been hiding or denying. Through a series of guided sessions, we journey deep inside your psyche and invite your shadow personalities to befriend you and begin to open up a dialogue with them.

Further sessions allow us to work on reclaiming shadow projections, understanding how such projections play a role in your decision making processes, often repeating patterns of behaviour and subconsciously sabotaging efforts to break out of an unhealthy cycle and move towards integrating all aspects of the shadow self into the totality of your being.

You can book appointments with me now.

Flexible Payment/Contribution Options

For our very first session together, I offer 2 alternative options of expressing your sense of value, propriety and gratitude given for my assistance. Following sessions after that are as indicated on the right.

  1. Suggested Pricing or
  2. Monetary Gift Contribution

An avid advocate of transitioning towards the Gift Economy, inspired by the visionary work of Charles Eisenstein, I strongly encourage you to consider exploring this option, using your own authentic barometer of fairness and equality.

The idea behind it is relatively simple.

I provide you with one of my services and you choose to gift (or compensate) me with what you believe my service is worth to you.

Seriously. It’s that simple.

It’s an idea that has been around for eons, based around mutual reciprocity, trust and gratitude.

If you are not yet familiar with the gift economy model, I highly suggest reading:-

In the beginning was the Gift: in the archetypal beginning of the world, at the beginning of our lives, and in the infancy of the human species. Gratitude therefore is natural to us, so primal, so elemental that it is very difficult to define. Perhaps it is the feeling of having received a gift, and the desire to give in turn.

The most important mode of economic exchange was the gift.

~ Charles Eisenstein

 If you haven’t seen Amanda Palmer’s (from the Dresdon Dolls) TED: Talk The Art of Asking, I highly recommend it.

It is in this spirit of manifesting, that I ask you to truly consider coming from this authentic heart space.