I love feeling light and free, unconstrained from emotional baggage. Things I hide, repress or deny weigh me down. The things I least like to examine. As I value freedom and a life that works more than constraint and mediocrity, I occasionally examine what’s lurking in the shadows and deal with it, which may include having a clean up conversation, or reframing a disempowering story.  She recently helped me identify a childhood incident where I resented sharing donuts. With a fun reframe exercise I planted ‘sharing multiplies my enjoyment’ in my subconscious and have noticed more freedom in sharing recently. Feels good having forward movement on the road to being a magnanimous Matthew. Did I just refer to myself in the 3rd person? Shadow hunting is safer, easier and quicker with an expert guide, like Shadow Alchemist Vina Von Bliss who carries a big flashlight.

~ Matthew

So glad I had a shadow-searching session yesterday with shadow alchemist Vina Von Bliss just in time for the intense, insane Pisces full moon today. The parts of me that need to be seen, accepted, and loved come out unabashedly under the full moon energy. Thank you Vina! I believe it’s awesome to raise our vibration, feel good, do visualization, but it’s not enough. Embracing our shadows is critical. Get hold of Vina now for a session.

~ Emily

I had a beautiful guided journey with shadow-hunter Vina Von Bliss who helped me see through a block from an incident at 3 years old that had impacted me until today. She then helped me neutralize the charges and invent a new way of being for the future. I can now approach life with new lenses!! I felt so safe throughout the whole session and so grateful for her insights and warmth. Really recommend Vina for anyone who’d like to explore & embrace their shadows!!

~ E.N.