Dream Sessions

I also offer Jungian dream exploration sessions.

During this 45 min session, we explore your dreams predominantly using the active imagination process.

Other methods commonly used by Jung may also come into discussion.

These include:

  • Association – what the dreamer believes, feels or intuits to an image.
  • Amplification – takes the association (image) further and extrapolates on its meaning and symbolism.
  • Crisis / lysis – the turning point that captures the dreamer’s attention and stands out.
  • Active imagination – conversing with the dream images.

As with my other consult sessions, I encourage you to consider the option of remunerating my services through a “contribution gift”.

If you have yet to read that page, please take a look at my reasoning behind this, before continuing.

 45 min Jungian Dream Session

Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.

~ Carl Jung