The Bliss Trip

If you’ve been on the roller coaster ride of the last few years, undergoing the intense ‘shift’ of the ages, like many, you probably experienced what has been referred to as ‘the bliss trip’.

I consider bliss to be our natural birth right and original state of being.

For me, there is nothing novel or fad about bliss.. except perhaps for its over-perpetuation in certain superficial spiritual circles.

As a student of analytical psychology and esoteric traditions, I’ve delved deep into my own (and others) shadow work for the last decade. Like the archetype of Persephone who was seduced into the underworld, I too, became an inter dimensional sentinel of two worlds – a guardian ‘door bitch’ of both the shadowy and shimmering realms, if you will.

I am comfortable talking about my shadow as I am blowing bubbles of bliss into the universe.

Many ‘woo woo’ spiritual circles focus only on the ‘love and light’ positive side of life, believing that as long as they maintain a ‘high vibration’ of chanting mantras, performing sacred rituals and using the law of attraction, abundance will fall on their lap. They become attached to the romanticism of spirituality, but do not seem to be achieving the results they were seeking in the first place.

In doing so, they ignore an essential part of themselves and rarely do the deeper work to understood the root cause of why they continue to attract the same negative situations, people or emotions into their life. For those not doing serious shadow work, they do not understand nor address the sabotaging behaviours of their personality and miss out on deepening their journey. Remaining here prevents them from growing personally and spiritually.

Spirituality is not only about the spiritual highs and feeling blissed out – it is often intense and can be a deep excavation of the soul.

The spiritual path is a serious undertaking. In order to achieve balance and integration of the body/mind/spirit, all our aspects of our personality and identity – especially the dark – must be addressed. All the dysfunctional behaviours and attitudes that can  sabotage our efforts towards leading a fulfilling life must be mined for inherent nuggets of wisdom.

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